Our electricians ensure your electrical systems are up to code.

Seneca Companies understands the complexity and requirements necessary to work in hazardous (classified) locations, such as those related to retail and commercial fuel systems. All electrical work in Class I, Division 1 and Division 2 locations is completed and installed per NFPA 70 National Electrical Code® (NEC), as well as all other applicable codes and standards.

Our experienced team of licensed and certified electricians will ensure your electrical systems are up to code and meet industry standards. Flammable vapors and fumes should not be treated lightly. A licensed electrician should always be used to avoid the risk of fire or explosions.

Our electricians commonly work on:

  • Remediation systems.
  • Industrial controls and wiring.
  • Fuel station controls and wiring.

Custom electrical systems options include:

  • Explosion-proof motors.
  • Explosion-proof fittings and switches.
  • Explosion-proof lights and monitoring equipment.
  • Intrinsically safe controls.
  • Seal-offs.
  • Pressurized control panels.
  • Class I Division II remediation systems.
  • Industrial controls.
  • Fuel station controls.
  • Remediation system wiring.
  • Fuel and dispenser wiring.
  • Convenience store wiring.