Technical Startup & Testing

We ensure your startup has successful ongoing operation and cleanup.

Starting up a groundwater remediation system is one of the most critical tasks in ensuring successful ongoing operation and cleanup. Seneca recognizes this and only mobilizes our most experienced technicians to the site to carry out this task. Our startup technicians are certified journeyman electricians and have ample knowledge in remediation theory. The startup technician is the same team member that conducts the shop testing prior to shipment which allows them to already be very familiar with the system and its functionality. This allows for an efficient startup process once onsite and the ability to quickly detect any challenges related to the well field and/or water quality. Our technicians are also backed by hydrogeologists, geologists, and fuel equipment experts to help them evaluate any issue discovered during the startup process. There could not be a more important time to have an expert onsite then during this phase of the project. 


  • Onsite Startup
  • Onsite Extraction Well Connections and Equipment Setting
  • Onsite Program Modifications
  • O&M Training
  • Calibrations
  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting