Dri-Sump Testing

Find leaks in all types of sumps and spill buckets in just 60 seconds.

Dri-Sump is an EPA-approved containment-tightness testing technology that delivers digitally recorded pinpoint testing accuracy to 0.05 gph in just 60 seconds, uses no water and creates zero waste. It uses lasers and aerosol fog to find leaks in all types of sumps and spill buckets.

Seneca has partnered with Leighton O』Brien in being able to offer this faster alternative to hydrostatic containment testing.

Benefits of Dri-Sump Testing

  • Certified test time is one minute versus sixty minutes for hydrostatic testing.
  • Increased sales uptime by up to five hours per site.
  • No waste, no water disposal.
  • Will pinpoint a leak in the containment area when the leak is detected.
  • Increased number of containment tests per day.
  • Regulatory acceptance as an alternative to costly hydrostatic testing.
  • Vapor aerosol made from pH neutral, non-petroleum based chemicals, dissipates in ten minutes.

Download the Dri-Sump Flyer for more details.

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