Custom built to perfectly fit your site cleanup needs.

Since 1993, 欧洲杯滚球 has been a leader in building high quality groundwater remediation systems. Each system is custom made to the customers specifications in our Des Moines, Iowa facility. Seneca offers a wide range of enclosure options including steel skids, cargo containers, trailers, and wood buildings. All these enclosure options can be transported directly to the intended cleanup area. If onsite construction is necessary, Seneca also excels at that backed by our own General Contracting team.

Seneca recognizes the importance of the initial system startup and testing and deploys our most experienced technicians for the task. After all the planning, construction, and remediation groundwork is completed the final step is to operate the system to maximize cleanup potential.  With decades of operation experience Seneca can also take this burden off the client’s shoulders, allowing them to attend to the other project demands. 

Remediation Services