Alternative Fuel Systems

Offering alternative fuels is an effective way to provide a new revenue stream for your c-store.

Whether you are building a new facility or remodeling an existing site, offering alternative fuels is an effective way to retain customers and provide a new revenue stream for your station.

Seneca Companies provides aboveground, underground and portable DEF packages, providing 「The Complete Solution」 for your alternative fuels pumping, storage and dispensing project. We partner with Benecor, Blue1USA and KleerBlue to ensure you have the best system possible based on your specific wants and needs.

An aboveground DEF system makes a great addition to existing sites, allowing you to avoid the expense of below ground installation. Aboveground systems are extreme cold resistant and available in multiple sizes and can be located lane-oriented on the fuel island next to your dispenser. Additionally, a DEF system can integrate with your existing equipment, including your point of sale (POS) system and automatic tank gauge (ATG).

If you’re building a new store, our experienced fuel systems construction staff can install an underground DEF system with tanks of almost any size and put in a dispenser that includes both diesel fuel and DEF.

Our construction team has years of knowledge and experience and will ensure your DEF system is properly installed and operating, as well as communicating with your fuel monitoring and management systems.

Seneca is the one stop shop for your DEF construction, equipment and service needs. We will work with you from conception to completion, making you sure your alternative fuel system runs smoothly. We can also assist with any LNG or CNG fuel system needs as well.