Our experts can handle site assessments, remediation and more.

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Seneca Companies offers the expertise and experience you need to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations in your environmental site assessment and remediation projects.

Our team of environmental experts has removed and disposed of thousands of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs). This includes work on associated fuel system components such as lines, dispensers and tank gauging equipment.

In addition, Seneca can handle the research and field work for your contaminated site assessments. We expedite the process by completing the necessary paperwork, forms, testing and submittals on your behalf — making things easy and cost-effective.

Our diversified staff can also assist with your environmental sampling needs, including the proper handling of site-specific sampling requirements. The environmental team at Seneca has over 20 years of experience completing regulatory field activities in all sorts of conditions.

Seneca also houses licensed professionals who work closely with regulatory agencies for contaminated soil and groundwater disposal and land application needs.

Environmental Due Diligence

Beyond our site assessment and remediation work, Seneca offers services to assist in commercial property transfer processes. This work includes Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Vapor Encroachment Screens and records search with risk assessments. We also offer Environmental Transaction Screens, in which we identify potential environmental concerns and communicate them to a prospective purchaser, lender, broker or attorney.

Seneca can also conduct insurance investigations where we work with your insurance provider to determine an appropriate level of investigation. Our certified environmental professionals can assist in completing your federal government-required NEPA questionnaires. Seneca is here to help you protect your commercial investment.